John Wilson
(Bef 1718-1794)
Jane "Jean" Dinwoodie
(Abt 1735-1802)
William Beck
(Abt 1740-)
Jean Johnstone
David Wilson
(Abt 1761-1832)
Jean Beck
(Abt 1770-1837)
Elizabeth "Betty" Wilson
(Bef 1804-1874)


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James Carruthers

Elizabeth "Betty" Wilson 190

  • Born: Bef 29 Apr 1804, Applegarth, Dumfries, Scotland 162
  • Christened: 29 Apr 1804, Applegarth, Dumfries, Scotland
  • Marriage: James Carruthers about 1829 in St. Mungo, Dumfries, Scotland
  • Died: 16 Dec 1874, Beersville, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada 189
  • Buried: St. James Pesbyterian Church, Beersville, New Brunswick

bullet  General Notes:

It took several years of research to confirm Elizabeth's family. We always believed that Elizabeth's father would have been a David Wilson, since it was evident that James and Elizabeth followed the typical Scottish naming traditions. The first born son is usually named after the paternal grandfather, the second born son is named after the maternal grandfather, and the third born son is named after the father. The first three sons of our James Carruthers and Elizabeth Wilson, are William, David, and James, in that order. We also knew from family lore that the family had come from St. Mungo. I finally chose to hire a researcher from Dumfries & Galloway Council to help.

Going back to St. Mungo, we find a baptism record of a William, born to James CARRUTHERS and Elizabeth, at Kilnpotlees farm in St. Mungo Parish, in 1830. Because of the dates, places, and how the Scottish naming traditions play out, we believed this baptism of William is our James and Elizabeth's family.

Elizabeth was a WILSON. A David WILSON and his wife Jean BECK, and several other children including a Betty (a common nickname for Elizabeth), were tenants at the Kilnpotlees farm at the time. Since James and Elizabeth's second son was named David, and it is evident that they followed the Scottish naming traditions, we can assume that Elizabeth's father was named David WILSON. So, this adds to the evidence that the Kilnpotlees WILSON'S is our Elizabeth's family. Knowing this, we find that Elizabeth's family is from Applegarth, as all of David WILSON'S and Jean BECK'S children were baptised at Muirhouse farm.

So, knowing that James' and Elizabeth's first son, William, was born at Kilnpotlees, we focused on any Wilsons from Kilnpotlees at the same period of time.

We found the death of David Wilson at Kilpotlees in 1832, buried at Applegarth, marriages of 3 children, all children of David Wilson in Kilnpotlees, all born in Applegarth: (1) James Wilson to Mary Boyd in 1829 (2) Jean Wilson to John Telford in 1836 (3) David Wilson to Margaret Underwood in 1838

There are also baptism records for children of Janet Wilson and Thomas Dobie at Kilnpotlees: (1) David Dobie born 27 Apr 1828 (2) Betsy Dobie born 22 Jun 1830 (3) Janet Dobie born 12 Jul 1836

The researcher then notes: "In the St Mungo Old Parish Registers the only Wilsons in the records are all recorded as living at Kilnpotlees. This indicates that they are all one family, so all of the above must be relatives of Elizabeth Wilson, wife of your James Carruthers. She fits into this family as the daughter of David Wilson and Jean Beck, which is also confirmed by the fact that James Carruthers and Elizabeth Wilson call their second son David. There are no other references to Wilsons in the St Mungo Registers and it is clear that from 1801 to 1809 the family living at Kilnpotlees was called Pringle. So the Wilsons must have moved into Kilnpotlees after then, probably from Applegarth Parish as that is where David Wilson was buried."

Going to Applegarth, the following gravestone inscriptions are found: Plot Number 67: 1st side: "John Wilson in Moorhouse, died 4th May 1794, aged 77 years. John and Jean Wilson, his grandchildren. Jean Dinwoodie, spouse to the above John Wilson, died 13th August 1802, aged 67 years. David Wilson, their son, died at Kilpotlees, 9th February 1832, aged 69 years. Erected by David Wilson, their son." 2nd side: "Jean Beck, spouse to David Wilson, died at Kilpotlees, 4th January 1837, aged 65 years. James Wilson, son of the above, died at Dumfries 14th April 1845, aged 37 years. Mary Boyd, his spouse, died at Lockerbie, 8th July 1879, aged 74 years. James Wilson, died at Lockerbie, 2nd August 1893, aged 54 years. Agnes, their daughter, died at Lockerbie, 26th April 1910, aged 76 years."

The next grave is also connected: Plot Number 68: "David Wilson in Moorhouse, died 30th January 1773, aged 97 years. Isobel Jardine, his spouse, died 4th June 1773, aged 94 years. Erected by John and William Wilson, their sons."

The Applegarth Parish Registers have an entry for the hire of the Mortcloth for David Wilson's burial, but state that he was in Nethercleugh, not Moorhouse. It must be the same man but perhaps he was in Nethercleugh just before he died, but the family wanted the gravestone to record that he spent most of his live at Moorhouse.

"1773 '96 Wilson '96 Feby 7 '96 Recd for the Mortcloth for David Wilson in Nethercleugh."

No sum is stated though the family would have paid the Parish a small fee to use the Mortcloth. The Mortcloth wrapped the body until just prior to burial, when it was removed and the body put into the ground, very few people would have been buried in a coffin at this time - just wrapped in a Mortcloth until the burial took place. People normally hired out the Mortcloth owned by the parish for a family burial; they would not have owned their own and would not have bought a new piece of cloth for every burial. After the burial the Mortcloth would be washed and returned to the Parish. In the records there is also a note that the Parish hired out the Mortcloth for a John Wilson in Muirhouse [Moorhouse], on the 10th February 1765, no gravestone or other reference is found for this Wilson family member.

Then we find the tie to my Elizabeth Wilson - there is a baptism of Betty Wilson, daughter of David Wilson and Jean Beck on 29 Apr 1804 at Applegarth.

With this and some validation done on the census records, we can now constuct my Wilson family as follows:

Elizabeth "Betty" Wilson, daughter of David Wilson and Jean Beck, born 1804 at Applegarth, married to James Carruthers, born about 1804 in Dumfriesshire (still research this marriage and Carruthers line) - these are my 4X great-grandparents.

David Wilson, son of John Wilson and Jean Dinwoodie, born abt 1761 in Applegarth, died 09 Feb 1832 at Kilnpotlees, buried 13 Feb 1832 at Applegarth, married on 03 Aug 1792 at Muirhouse, Applegarth, to Jean Beck, born abt 1770 in Applegarth, died 04 Jan 1837 at Kilnpotlees, buried at Applegarth, had the following children: (1) Janet Wilson - baptised 13 Feb 1794 at Applegarth (2) Mary Wilson - born 03 Apr 1796 at Applegarth (3) John Wilson - baptised 27 May 1798 at Applegarth (4) Jean Wilson - born 24 May 1800 at Applegarth (5) James Wilson - baptised 08 Feb 1802 at Applegarth (6) *Betty Wilson - batised 29 Apr 1804 at Applegarth (7) Thomas Wilson - born 07 Jan 1809 at Applegarth, died bef 1813 (8) David Wilson - born 22 Mar 1810 at Applegarth (9) Thomas Wilson - baptised 12 Oct 1813 at Applegarth

John Wilson, son of David Wilson and Isobel Jardine, ,born 13 Apr 1718 at Kellobank, Kirkpatrick Juxta, died 04 May 1794 at Applegarth, married Jean Dinwoodie, born abt 1735, died 13 Aug 1802 at Applegarth. They had at least the following children: (1) Mary Wilson (2) *David Wilson born abt 1761 (3) John Wilson born abt 1767

David Wilson, born abt 1675 at Muirhouse, Applegarth, died 30 Jan 1773 at Nether Cleugh, Applegarth, married Isobel Jardine, born abt 1679 at Muirhouse, Applegarth, died 04 Jun 1773 at Muirhouse, Applegarth. They had at least the following children: (1) Jean Wilson - born 20 Aug 1704 at Palace Knoll, Kirkpatrick Juxta (2) William Wilson - born 20 Dec 1706 at Kellobank, Kirkpatrick Juxta (3) John Wilson - born 20 Dec 1706 at Kellobank, Kirkpatrick Juxta, died bef 1716 (4) Janet Wilson - born 01 Ap 1708 at Kellobank, Kirkpatrick Juxta (5) James Wilson - born 29 Jan 1716 at Kellobank, Kirkpatrick Juxta (6) *John Wilson - born 13 Apr 1718 at Kellobank, Kirkpatrick Juxta (7) William Wilson - born abt 1725 at Muirhouse, Applegarth

bullet  Christening Notes:


bullet  Noted events in her life were:

She had a residence in 1861 in Weldford, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. 33

She had a residence in 1871 in Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. 162


Betty married James Carruthers, son of William Carruthers of Soriesyke and Ellen Bell, about 1829 in St. Mungo, Dumfries, Scotland. (James Carruthers was born in 1806 in Dumfries, Scotland,162 died on 30 Aug 1880 in Beersville, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada and was buried in St. James Presbyterian Cemetery, Beersville, Kent, New Brunswick.)

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